We're growing and we need your feedback

It's been 2 years since we started the group and it's time we move forward and unite.

Irina McKenzie

May 9, 2018

2 years ago, I've started the Vancouver Sustainable Fashion Designers (VSFD) group with the purpose of creating a community of like minded people, that can support and empower one another.

When Andrew Rene Gonzalez and I teamed up, we decided that we must do events, because we cannot create a real community without having the personal connection that does not exist on Facebook alone.

After the first event, we were blown away by the energy in the room, the will of the participants to connect to each other and by the openness and shear sense of good will to support fellow designers in their journey.
It was magical.

We continued running events every 2 months and after few events we realized that the information and resource sharing that exist on the Facebook group and shared during the events completely disappears if we're not able to capture it and make it available to other members.

We also realized how much more we can do to serve the group. From listing of factories, home sewers, spaces, fabric suppliers to mentorship programs, job listing and group discounts - we can create a full support network that its sole purpose is to serve and support you! 
But then we had to get back to reality when we realized how time consuming and expensive this all can be.

What you may not know is that Andrew and I do not receive any funding and we cover all the expenses of running the events out of pocket. It's been many many (many!) hours of preparations, finding spaces, guest speakers, marketing materials, negotiating discounted group rates for conferences and mostly getting the word out about the group so we can grow our community.












We've now reached a point where we, as a group need to make a decision.
Andrew and I can no longer support the group or run the events unless we get real funding and real funding comes with structure.

The structure we're deciding on is either a non-profit or a co-op and we want to know what is most important to you that we should focus on first.

We feel its time to take it to the next level, break the boundaries and create a real organization that its sole purpose is to grow our community and serve YOU: Vancouver Sustainable Fashion Designers.

Take the survey.
Let us know your thoughts and let us meet in June for our fist informal AGM to discuss the future of our group.


Irina McKenzieAndrew Rene Gonzalez and Nichole DeMichelis

First VSFD event | Give and Take, September 2017

VSFD event  at 310 Design Lab (manufacturer) | Give and Take, December 2017

Fashion Revolution Week / VSFD feat. SPACE ,April 2018