The Vancouver Sustainable Fashion Designers collective is a group of current and aspiring fashion professionals in the Greater Vancouver Area who share the goal of sustainable design.

We connect local fashion designers that practice sustainability (or are seeking to become more sustainable) and are looking to collaborate, share resources, spark creativity, support and empower one another.

Our mandate is based on mutual support amongst creators (which is why we're so keen on Give & Take). We're working together to make this city a bit more stylish, without compromising our values. 

Why Sustainable? 

Sustainability is one of those terms that gets thrown around so much it starts to mean everything, and therefore nothing. At one of our events, we opened the floor to our members to address the question: what is sustainable fashion design?

Meet The Team

Irina McKenzie


Social entrepreneur and an avid advocate of the Circular Economy and Sustainability in the Fashion Industry.

Andrew Rene Gonzalez

Creative Genius

Andrew is the local designer behind Lucid Lifestyle, a natural-fibre activewear brand that will have you looking fly as you bike around town. He's a man of a million fantastic ideas propelling us forwards, and the official Hype Man of the VSFD. 

Nichole DeMichelis


Nichole is a fashion librarian who has worked locally with the Society for the Museum of Original Costume and internationally at the Fashion Retail Academy in London.

She specializes in fashion-related research and resource provision, and is always good for an anecdote about fashion history, couture-house gossip, and fashion as identity construction (told you-- nerd). She is also the voice behind a lot of the writing on this site, and is open to heckling about her attempts at wit.